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HYDROTEST has existed on the market since 1983 and being aware of our abilities we undertake the most serious task concerning the production of doors and windows including antique ones. We take care of each of our products from the very beginning, chosing the proper raw materials and providing the proper processing. We use only high quality lumber
(class I and II). Selected wood (pine, oak, mahogany- we adjust the material to the needs of our customers) undergoes the tightly controlled process of drying and layer gluing.

The HYDROTEST firm has worked out two main ways of production (thanks to the long experience on the market of woodwork):

  • wooden doors, windows and windows sills of high quality
  • specialization in the production of antique windows and doors, kept in an “old style”, famous for their originality, uniqueness and precision of production.

Choosing wood - the natural material - to producing our assortment, we took into consideration the comfort of using our doors and windows. Using natural material, not containing harmful substances, guarantees:

  • saving warmth by 40%
  • small widening process
  • big durability
  • better mood of our customers
  • undeniable aesthetic virtues, which become even more precious with time.
Ekologiczne rozwiązania

Wood is the most precious building material due to its long using tradition and reliability.
Making the products for you, we realize that the quality of the final product is mainly connected with chosing the proper raw materials. Consequently, we try to treat each customer individually and we pay much attention to preparing the starting materials.

Today, in the time of numerous ecological threats, offering natural wooden windows, we provide our customer with reliable goods and guarantee their satisfaction for many years.
Buying our wooden doors and windows of ‘HYDROTEST’, you lower the costs of their future recycling(in comparison to the PCV windows).

Using the modern technological methods made it possible for us to produce goods of high quality technical standards, keeping natural texture and colouring. As we want to be rival, we still raise our qualifications and the forms of making the offered goods.



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