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Producent okien kielce


  • single- framed made of oak, pine and mahogany(we can adjust the materials to the customers' needs)
  • typical measurements or we adjust them to the customers' needs
  • in any shapes and colours, to adjust them to the colour of the building
  • single or many-sashed, equipped with joined thermoinsulating glasses or special glass sets
  • with microventilation, making the continuous exchange of fresh air possible

Paleta barw

In our windows we install standard, single-chambered, joined thermoinsulating glasses. Thanks to the use of low-emission glasses and argon in the space between glasses we receive:

  • very good warmth insulating value measure by the coefficient of penetrating the warmth of the glass set K= 1,1 W/m2, which allows you save 40% of warmth
  • acoustic insulating Rw= 31dB which limits the outside noise by muffling the sounds, especially in big cities or along the busy motorways
  • letting through the radiation UV below 20%

As we want to provide full satisfaction of the customer we install anti- burglary, safe, reflective or coloured glass. We also offer a wide range of colours. The paints are acril, watered down, namely TEKNOS or SIGMA, basing on design RAL. We also use transparent varnish, not covering the natural wood (azure).

If you choose the windows HYDROTEST, you are guaranteed:

  • big saving of warmth, lowering the costs of heating the flat by 40%
  • making the rooms quieter
  • resistance to cracking
  • keeping the shape and measurements
  • protecting the flat against too much sunshine
  • free of charge technical counseling
  • professional installment
  • manufacturer's price
  • 6 years guarantee

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